Myron Sharpe

A human in his 30's with brown eyes and hair with whitish streaks caused by the excessive salt in the air.


9th level Commoner

AC 14
hp 49

masterwork chain shirt
spear, +1
mwk light crossbow

potion of bull’s strength
cloak of resistance +1
2 potions of cure light wounds

owns a light warhorse and a military saddle and a constable uniform.


Started out as a mercenary working for Jargo Namrill out of Port Pillage from the Blood Coast, Myron was born of Ivrian parents. He moved his operations to Saltmarsh under the watchful eye of the Red Masque. He stayed under his radar for nearly a decade until his overthrow by the Thorns of Orcus. He served as Constable and Regent of Blackthorn in the Thorns’ absence. Though he now remains the constable, he is now on the Council of Blackthorn newly devised by The Thorns after the Starfall.

Myron Sharpe

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