Jandria Astrakhal

Female Half-elven Cassandran Disciple of the Sixteenth Degree (that means 16th level Diviner)


16th Level Wizard (Divination specialist)
Female half-elf
AC – why would you attack her?
HP – come on!
She wears blue damask robes lined in sable fur. Has brunette hair and deep, green eyes. She seems to be in her mid-40’s. Jandria uses crystals inscribed with runes and casts them onto an oracle map to determine outcomes and possible futures. At the current moment, she is keeping her eye on Malygos Onyxian… as ordered by the Seer Council of Thraxx-Arkana.


Jandria Astrakhal was born from human parents, her grandmother was a high elf. She showed remarkable capability for magic at a young age and was inducted into the Cassandran Disciples at age 8. She is renown in Thraxx-Arkana for besting Archmage Karimos of Kaid University in a friendly wizard’s duel during the 29th Secret Faire. However friendly it might have been, Archmage Karimos has not forgotten it.
Jandria was instrumental in finding Malygos Onyxian in a tribe of half-dragons roaming the empty borders of Tyrus. She believes that he is The Chosen of Skylurk Fei and has converted many in the Seer Council to this opinion. Karimos and his minority do not believe this and have said so on many occasions both openly and in secret. It remains to be seen if she is correct….

Jandria Astrakhal

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