Baron Cornelius Moore

A blonde haired, male human from Last Bastion. Walks proudly and with a purpose. Holds to his views to a fault. His half-plate and large steel shield glimmers in the little light left in The Dark.


20th level Paladin of Apollo (Undead Scourge archetype)
AC 32
hp 164
Wields a magic longsword and magic half-plate armor and large steel shield emblazoned with the Sun disk and lyre of Apollo.
Also lugs around a masterwork heavy crossbow.
Wielded the first sunshard of the Apollonian Crown.


Cornelius Moore was born and raised in Last Bastion under the auspices of the Moore family, an aristocratic family in good standing. He inherited the title of Baron a couple months ago, after his father was slain fighting the undead in Swale during the recent Uprising. He gave his younger sister, Victoria, the title of Seneschal Baron so she could manage the day-to-day affairs of his fief while he devoted himself to the Apollonian Hierarchy on Mount Evercrest.
He has been a paladin in service to Apollo for two years.
He assembled The Sunswords last year in an effort to help complete his quest to restore the Apollonian Corona and awaken the slumbering god.
Their greatest claim to fame is the slaying of Therix the Vampire near Desiderata this past Mortix. They lost their aasimar sorcerer, Moltarion, in the final battle with Therix.
They have recently met another traveling band of would-be heroes who as yet have no name. Cornelius believes they are mentally dominated by an antipaladin called Malygos who claims to be on the same mission as he. They joined with the group for a time and then left Thraxx-Arkana when the Sunswords got impatient. It has been confirmed by Martin, a half-elf bard and last survivor of the Sunswords, that Baron Moore and the entire party was slain by Eggmandoo. Cornelius handed him his Sunshard. Martin, in turn, gave it to Swatulu Taki whom he trusted. Martin adventured with Taki’s party for a time until he was slain by demons while rescuing the halflings of San Simeon.
He was recently resurrected by the newly-awakened god, Apollo to serve as his proxy on Sejanna. He granted a wish to each member of The Thorns of Orcus in thanks for restoring his deity.

Baron Cornelius Moore

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