Crucibal Beyond

Session 8 - A Sword Secured and Three Angels Avenged

18th of Presipar

Dramatis Personae:
Needrik as Taki
Setho as Malygos Onyxian
Glen as Azul

  • Killed a Bodak in Simon’s Temple
  • Disabled Frost Fangs trap
  • Tripped camouflage spiked pit trap
  • Tripped electrical floor trap
  • Taki pulled Justifier from the stone
  • Attacked by Kool-Aid man golem
  • Collapse caused by Eleazar to summon the heroes.
  • Eleazar informs the party about the Quest of the Four Fallen Archangels.
  • Party defeats Daviel, Sammael, and Satanael.
  • Taki chews hand off of kyton dominatrix.
  • Party camps in treasure room and defeats Satanael and his minions.
  • Party finds open gate in derro lair leading to Weeping Briar, where Rastiel remains.
  • Party informs Eleazar of their progress as the three archangels are liberated.
  • Sunlight shines through The Dark upon San Simeon, Stoneridge and Weeping Briar.



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