four archangels

The four archangels were the servants of the Twin Powers.

Eleazar – He assisted the Heroes of Crucibal during their quest for Melmoth the Flame Bourne. He is barred from returning to New Crucibal after interfering in the Second Rebuilding.
Salazar- nothing known
Balthazar – He was a fallen angel that guarded the Swillponds of Bastion. Had amnesia.
Golzar – nothing known

They were rescued from their fate on Sejanna by the Heroes of Crucibal.

After the Dark Firmament was established, an ‘accident’ occurred where the evil halves of the four archangels were torn from their respective souls and were running amok on Sejanna. They were called The Fallen. Eleazar, who was forbidden to reenter Crucibal broke the Ban and entered it just before The Dark took place. When he noticed his dark self, Rastiel, was torn from him, he followed it and made plans to ambush it and slay it. He did this for over three centuries. During this time, he was an amnesiac and at times forgot his purpose or even who he was. Finally, in the 333rd year of The Dark, Eleazar found three of The Fallen in a derro lair beneath the Temple of Simon the Savior. He needed assistance and with what little was left of his power, summoned the nearest heroes he could find. It turned out to be Taki, Malygos Onyxian and Azul the Dhampir. Slim pickings perhaps, but Destiny always has her way. Eleazar did not know how these mercenaries would react to his sudden imposition so he barred their way out magically, trapping not only the heroes but the Fallen as well within the derro lair.
Three of the Fallen were slain by their hand: Sammael, from Salazar; Daviel, from Golzar; and Satanael, from Balthazar. Rastiel, Elezar’s evil twin was not present, but the heroes found his location on a map that Satanael possessed. The location was the overrun village of Weeping Briar in the Ivrian Kingdom, and it was there that Rastiel met his demise.
Unfortunately, Rastiel slew the girl Solphi before Malygos Onyxian thus severing the tie between Rastiel and Eleazar. Eleazar suddenly fell to the earth. Dead.
At this time there are only three archangels that serve the Twin Powers.

four archangels

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