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  • The Dark

    The Dark, also called the Dark Firmament, descended upon [[New Crucibal]] at 2144 AfterTime after [[Aristobulus the Balor]] conducted a ritual with the stolen [[Wand of Orcus]] which consumed the lives of a thousand innocent people of [[Edgeriven]]. …

  • Sejannese Calendar

    18 months of 20 days each, divided into four weeks of five days. This equals 360 days in their year with no leaps. The months are ordered around the full phases of Crucibal's largest moon, [[Lunarion]]. Which is full to full in a 20 day cycle. [[ …

  • AfterTime

    A reckoning used by the people of New Crucibal to measure time since the Sealing of [[The Vale]] by [[Gurion Goratell]] using the [[Staff of Law]]. Example, 15th of Flowering, 2162 AfterTime or AT.

  • Timeline of Crucibal

    Here is the Timeline of Crucibal as understood by several sages in Thraxx-Arkana who claim to have taken this knowledge from ancient scrolls rescued from the Evermist Deluge: *Time Before Time* # Creation Era # Symposium Era *Time Before Men* # …