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  • Eggmandoo

    Merik of the [[Sejannese Circle]] found a large egg in the lair of [[Thanos the Eternal]] after they had slain him for the second time. He kept it on his mantelpiece in his humble home in Argos (formerly Argothon City). A prank pulled by Luce and Tima …

  • Sedumir

    Sedumir was the mate of Galdramar for sixty years. Galdramar was slain by the adult blue dragon Azurak in 332 TD. Sedumir is of the brood of Sandramir the Many-Scratched. She owes Swatulu Taki a favor for watching her wyrmlings while she ferried her …

  • Vitriolis Vyle

    And even more recently Dominated and killed by Gulariax, an old red dragon who was companion of the Red Masque of Saltmarsh. Way to go, Vitriolis... Was recently resurrected by Malygos Onyxian and sent forth to lair in freedom.