Tag: Last Bastion


  • Val Steelmug

    Val was a soldier in the Bastion Legion against the last undead surge three years ago. He still has a slight limp in his left leg from the wight that bit into it. He is a likable fellow and knows a few racial jokes (even the ones that poke fun at …

  • Gormag Beerkeep

    Gormag, oddly enough, isn't a fan of fighting and combat. He is currently learning to be literate. He will sneak away at times to figure out a book, or sound out particularly difficult sentences and words. Why he is doing this, no one has dared to ask.

  • Willem Darvin

    A human male in his mid-30's, Willem spent a long time wandering the Gruul Foothills looking for gold and/or silver and after making a decent fortune decided to invest in a trading post in Last Bastion. His business has been there for six years. It isn' …