Hell's Hammer

Evil Heavy Mace

weapon (melee)

+4 Evil Heavy Mace. Favored weapon of Skylurk Fei.


This sinister weapon was crafted by the arch lich, Thanos the Eternal as a counter to the Iparian Key, a powerful artifact used to imprison the Old Gods in the maelstrom. During the age of the Heroes, Hell’s Hammer was happened upon by Skylurk Fei, and became a symbol of terrible destruction. Hell’s Hammer was eventually destroyed, sundered in two by the Old God, Hades, master to Skylurk. The pieces were left in the accursed Typhon Swamp. Conscripted through dreams and visions, Malygos Onyxian, heir to Skylurk, has set forth to reforge Hell’s Hammer. It is thought by Skylurk that this fearsome weapon, once made whole, may be a key component in the ridding of the Dark Firmament, and destroying Orcus and Juiblex.

Hell's Hammer

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