A female, adult brass dragon who lives in the Badlands. She nurses a clutch of wyrmlings. She is Chaotic Good and talks a lot....I'm not kidding.


CG Large dragon (fire)
AC 28
hp 14d12+70
Aura frightful presence (180 ft., DC 20)
Breath weapon (80 ft. line, DC 22, 12d4 fire)
Desert wind
Sleep breath

Languages: Common, Draconic and 14 others that she hasn’t disclosed yet.


Sedumir was the mate of Galdramar for sixty years. Galdramar was slain by the adult blue dragon Azurak in 332 TD. Sedumir is of the brood of Sandramir the Many-Scratched.
She owes Swatulu Taki a favor for watching her wyrmlings while she ferried her friends to Hermione and back.


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