Phineo Osgard


10th level Wizard (water elementalist)

AC 17
hp 49

President of the Blackthorn Guild of Arcanists.

Has a private band of cutthroats secreted somewhere on the Blood Coast ready to defend himself or Blackthorn in case of attack.

He is well known to have the Staff of Five Storms.


Phineo Osgard was born in Northreach and raised in Alataph ( a town south of Northreach near the Blood Coast). He was kidnapped at age 19 and raised in a wizard’s tower in Port Smoke where he leaned the arts of water magic. When he left, he adventured for several years until he settled down after a near-death experience with an Azata of high power. He is now President of the Guild of Arcanists in Blackthorn and has been since before the Thorns took over.

Phineo Osgard

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