Malygos Onyxian

"There are things in this world far more terrible than demons and devils and vampires... I am one of those things."


Race: Black dragon blooded Half-elf
Class: LE Cleric / Black Dragon Disciple
Member of the “New Heroes of Crucibal”, and a “Thorn of Orcus”

Absolutely hellbent on the unshackling and liberation of his father, the Dark Lord, the Scion of Fei grows increasingly anxious. It seems things have taken a favorable turn with the collection of most of the Sun Shards, and the returning of Hell’s Hammer, the most unholy artifact of Skylurk Fei, to Malygos. But his list of allies grows thinner still, save the other members of his group (to an extent), and one green dragon. Assassins are sent from Thraxx-Arkana, from one whom he once trusted. Having recently learned the Dark Lord is being held in chains by Juiblex the Faceless, and possibly even Thraxx himself, Malygos is beginning to wonder who really is the enemy here.. Little does this matter though, as he knows when the Dark One is released, all who have worked against him shall know vengeance, shall know despair, and shall know fear unlike any before…

Woe, to the enemies of Fei.


Malygos Onyxian

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