Lt. Kirian Blackmantle

A human lieutenant of the Watch on the Barrier Wall. He supervises the guards on Gate Five.


5th level Fighter
AC 22 HP 30 Wears plate armor and heavy, steel shield emblazoned with the insignia of the Ivrian Kingdom with a Bastion difference. He also wields a longsword.


Kirian Blackmantle is actually very distantly related to Blackmantle the assassin who was a henchman of the Hero and God of Crucibal: Seregval Kanodel. He only talks about this when he’s in his cups, however. No one knows if he’s embarassed about Seregval or about being the scion of an assassin.
He fought his way through the ranks with an impressive 54 undead kills and 8 demon kills. He is very familiar with Orcus around Gates Four and Five. He entered Swale…once. He will not speak of it.

Lt. Kirian Blackmantle

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