Linnaeus Hardcastle

A human male who seems younger than he is, this high priest of Apollo turned the Haven of Evercrest into his own personal police state.


Male Human
Age: 41
Hair: Blonde Skin: Fair Eyes: Brown
Height: 5’ 9"
Weight: 135 lbs.

12th level Monk


Linnaeus was the only son of Gurion Hardcastle and Lyria Astrakhal. His father was guardian and warden of the Haven of Evercrest and thus his son came to be as well. However, an evil idea grew over time in Linnaeus’ mind: Why try to bring back the gods when doing that will take the hard-earned power and prestige from the wardens. So Linnaeus went to Thraxx-Arcana and went to Kaid University where a well-known whack-job was experimenting with Chronomancy. The Chronomancer fashioned a wish spell for Linnaeus and he wished that he would remain in power of Evercrest forever! And it was so.
He ruled Evercrest with an iron fist. He crafted and honed his martial arts in secret. What he did not know but came to know through the Thorns of Orcus is that the Sunshards of Apollo’s Crown were scattered to the four corners of Sejanna through his own bloodline, altering history in his favor. But the Thorns were countering this reality. Being frightened that his wish was flawed, he allied with Desmond Koriah and eventually Orcus himself to try and rid himself of these adventurers. Ultimately, his wish was fulfilled. The Thorns were tipped off by both Icarus Thornbirch and the ghost of Thorsden Usk. The Thorns returned and dispatched Linnaeus in his own sanctum. The Manhunter Axe of Kellan Warfang devoured his soul and there he lives still. Still in control of Evercrest, but unable to exert his influence. Forever.

Linnaeus Hardcastle

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