Farsen Gorre

23 year old male, human aristocrat, he has black hair and brown eyes. Wants to be an adventurer, like his father wanted to be.


6th level Aristocrat
AC 16
30 hp
Proficient with longsword and dirk.


Farsen Gorre is a member of the affluent and well-established Gorre clan of Hermione. His maternal uncle is mayor of Hermione, Polonius Zynne. He has spent the past few years hunting down his father, Malcomb Gorre, whenever he goes senile and wanders off on an ‘adventure’. The latest adventure was his last as Farsen saw the dead body of his father in the clutches of an evil redcap.
Rescued by a group of five adventurers, he asked his family to reward and befriend them. He now tries to help them in their quest to eliminate The Dark.
He has been tortured by Desmond Koriah and attacked by his army of demonic undead. He befriended Korgan the minotaur High Priest of Minos and got him to relocate the Phyrexian Machine via a miracle. He now has lent his compound to the Thorns of Orcus as a headquarters and safe house. Korgan is now building a temple of Minos in Hermione which is being funded by Farsen Gorre and the Thorns.

Farsen Gorre

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