Desmond Koriah

Former knight of the Vampire Council, now an inquisitor of Orcus hunting down those who would thwart the plans of the Lord of the Undead.


Vampire Inquisitor of Orcus (level 12)
Red hair in a queue
Noticeable scars on face

AC – unknown
HP – 80 to 90 estimated
Can shapeshift into wolf or bat forms
Has fast healing ability
Has Damage Resistance (Malygos seems to think it’s overcome by silver)
Turns to gaseous form when reduced to 0 hp
Cannot be affected while in gaseous form in this way (Swatulu Taki is pretty confident about this)
Can cast fireballs and scorching ray
Favored weapon is a morningstar
Wears a small, steel, spiked shield.
Wears a necklace, a brooch, a cloak, masterwork breastplate


Long ago, before The Dark, Desmond Koriah was a knight in the service of the Vampire Council, one of the dreaded Dark Deliverers of which there was always six. Within forty years, he was promoted to Lord Deliverer and wore the Badge of Office which was visible only by the undead.
At year 2 of The Dark, the Schism occurred. The Vampire Council was courted by the minions of Orcus to join him in his quest for domination of Sejanna. Most joined after a casual declaration, but a minority thought it to be a trap and declined. The Orcus vampires then quietly hunted down the minority vampires and slew them. A very few survived, including Azule the Dhampir. On the day that Azule’s undead family were slain, for some inexplicable reason, Desmond, who was leading the massacre, let her live.
Now, much to his chagrin, three hundred years later, he has discovered that Azule is one of the Thorns that Orcus mentioned to him in a conversation some months ago.
Completely devoted to Orcus, enough to be an inquisitor in his service, Desmond Koriah relentlessly hunts after the Thorns – especially Azule – for now it has become personal.
His Bag of Holding was stolen, which not only stole his wand of inflict moderate wounds, and other things, but more importantly, the Sunshard of Eggmandoo which he rightly found in the lair of the stone giants under Mount Stoneheart.
Though reprimanded by Orcus himself, he is resolved more than ever to right this injustice in Orcus’ name! And this time, he won’t underestimate his prey.

Well, he did. He was given a small army of undead and demons by Orcus himself, attacked the Haven of Evercrest and marched toward Vitriolis Vyle’s lair to seize the Sunshard before the Thorns could get there. Vitriolis slew many of the undead, but had an issue with the demons that Desmond brought. Though they arrived first, the Thorns made a deal with Vitriolis to free him from the curse of the Hardcastles (see Vitriolis Vyle). The Thorns retrieved the Sunshard and escaped. Orcus cursed Desmond for his ineptitude and sent him to seize the Phyrexian Machine, but when he got there he found it had been relocated to Hermione. Knowing this was his last chance to redeem himself, Desmond sent a demonic and undead attack force to Hermione and Farsen Gorre’s compound. He captured Farsen and tortured him on the Machine to give up the location of the power key. Farsen gave up the location of the power key, it was in the possession of one the Thorns of Orcus. Desmond then waited for the Thorns to scry him and teleport to his location. When that did eventually happen, the fight was on.
Desmond’s army was laid waste, he went into gaseous form and floated on the wind to his coffin where the Thorns followed and destroyed him utterly behind the Thrice Damned Cockerel Inn. His coffin, that of his bride, the cart and horse he rode in on was burned to ashes.

Desmond Koriah

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