Antor Verdigar

Half-orc wizard of Earth. Brown-robed and cowled, his green skin and greasy, sparse, wiry hair pokes out of a few places. Friend of Hamfist. Distrusted by Sedumir.


12th level wizard (Earth elementalist)
Possesses a staff of petrified wood tipped with a small globe of tourmaline.
Has a small, dusty library of sorts. And a laboratory filled with crystals, gems, and various types of rocks.


He is orignally from Desiderata. His parents were farmers. He believes he accidentally killed his mother when practicing his earth magic on the farm. This is why he practices his magic far away from civilization. He befriended Hamfist five years ago and has lived nearby him ever since. As for why Sedumir distrusts him, no one knows and Sedumir isn’t telling.

Antor Verdigar

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