Crucibal Beyond

Session 18 - A Barbarian Befriended and some Frost Giants Felled

9th to the 16th of Morpheus (Fall)
Year 333 of The Dark

Dramatis Personae
Needrik as Taki
Setho as Malygos Onyxian
Dave as Manus Firebeard
Gary as Kellan Warfang
Mike as Gromulongus Tendersack

  • The party spends a week in Northreach as Taki creates scrolls and magic items up the wahzoo!
  • During this time, Azule’s Transformation occurs.
  • Malygos does some legwork as to where the sunshard can be located. He finds out about a tribe of exiled barbarians called The Rimereavers who may know where to look.
  • On the 14th of Morpheus the party moves west of Northreach to find the Rimereavers. They are located beyond the hilly pass guarded by winter wolves. They introduce themselves to the warriors of their tribe and eventually to their leader, Argus the Elder.
  • After being told of the situation, Argus says that they know of a clan of giants who worship a ‘piece of the sun’. They live to the north and are harassed repeatedly by the frost giant clan called The Crimson Snow.
  • Argus gives the party a barbarian called Brundeis Wolfsnout who can sniff out the way to the giants.
  • So the party wishes Argus and his tribe well and leave for the giants. Which giants? When Brundeis asks the party, “Where are we going?” His answer is, “The frost giants.” “Are you sure?” asks the barbarian. “Yes, let’s go.” the party retorts. So, Brundeis leads them to the lair of the Crimson Snow.
  • En route, they are attacked by a pair of vicious dire snow tigers which they quickly dispatch.
  • Two days later they make it to a an incline to a mountain where Brundeis says the Crimson Snow fortress is located. As they make their way in, Kellan warns the party about ambushes which the frost giants are known for.
  • Indeed, three frost giants attack from the snows above the valley, hurling rocks and then closing in for the kill. Taki, Kellan and Manus were teleported into the midst of the giants and took the battle to them. The giants were scattered and did not expect such an attack. Malygos and Grom air walked to the site. One giant tried to escape and Taki and company teleported back and stopped him. By the time Grom and Malygos made it back to the party, the giant was slain.
  • Then the party encountered another trio of giants en route down the mountain. This was a bad place for the giants as they could not maneuver well on the narrow road which fell eighty feet below on one side. One giant tried to climb his way to the party but slipped, fell on Manus and almost took him with him down the eighty feet to his doom. In the end, all the giants were killed.
  • The party continued onward…



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