Crucibal Beyond

Session 17 - A Recalcitrant Ranger and a Waterbound Witch

13th of Exregulan to 9th of Morpheus (Fall)
Year 333 of The Dark

Dramatis Personae
Needrik as Taki
Setho as Malygos Onyxian
Glen as Azule von Trunt
Gary as Kellan Warfang
Dave as Manus Firebeard
Mike as Gromulongus Tendersack
Brian as Icarus Thornbirch

  • While en route to Northreach, Taki and Kellan make out a strange noise in the distance behind them. It is an avalanche. A lone horseman approaches the party from the direction of the avalanche. He introduces himself as Icarus Thronbirch of Evercrest. He came to warn the party that Linnaeus’ intentions may not be altogether altruistic. He hands the party the Sunshards that were in Linnaeus’ keeping. Icarus stole them and came to return them to the rightful owners so that the quest may be completed.
  • The weather then turns foul and Icarus, a ranger and demon-hunter, guides the party to make shelter in the hillside to wait out the blizzard.
  • After the storm subsides, a voice calls out the party from their shelter. It is a lone, two weapon wielder. An elf by the look of him.
  • The elf declares that he is from Evercrest acting on authority of the High Priest Linnaues Hardcastle of Apollo. He demands that Icarus the traitor be handed up for judgment.
  • The party refuses and immediately attacks the lone elf. The elf then shapechanges into an adult silver dragon!
  • The fight is brief as the party makes short work of the dragon. Battered and bleeding, Taki calls off the fight and tells the dragon to return to Linnaeus and tell him that he is to be trusted no longer and that the party’s only concern is the quest to eliminate The Dark Firmament. The dragon limps away.
  • The party then travels east and a couple days later encounters a strange, watery, fey female embracing a halfling in the cold river ahead. There is a stone bridge crossing the river.
  • After Taki and Malygos try to talk to the river sprite (a rusalka), they get the impression that the halfling is mentally controlled and is being sexually assaulted by the rusalka’s animated hair.
  • A long and drawn out battle ensues over the liberation of the innocent halfling. The rusalka’s animated hair batters the party and captures a few of them (Kellan and Taki to name a few). Meanwhile, she conjures some water elementals to aid in her survival. The party is hard pressed to find a tactic that works against her, but eventually and at a huge expense of resources, the party is victorious. The rusalka and her elemental companions are slain.
  • The halfling is grateful indeed and introduces himself as Gromulongus Tendersack of Northreach. He is a lorekeeper and is en route to San Simeon to eke out a new career there as a sage in their ancient, ancestral homelands.
  • The party informs Grom that they are heading for Northreach, not San Simeon, but Gromulongus relents and says that he is obviously not equipped to survive such a journey and will instead aid the party in their quest.
  • The party then fights off a rampage of four female frost drakes searching for food.
  • A few days later, a frost worm explodes from the snowy pack and attacks the party. This battle nearly became a TPK! The frost worm was bad enough, but when it made its death throes it nearly finished off the party. Many hero points were spent in that conflict.
  • Weary and seeking civilizaton, the party nears a hilly pass guarded by two winter wolves. They decide to pass them by and get to the city of Northreach. Which they do.
  • At Northreach, a large city on the shores of the cliffs overlooking the Ocean D’Arque, the party splits up to do their respective things. Taki holes up at a tavern, sets up his lab and starts making magical items. Azule and Malygos go to the marketplace and buy some badly needed items and do some legwork on where the Sunshard can be found in this region. And I think Azule hypnotized a shopkeep into giving away all his wares and then say the word, “Dick.”
  • The End



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