Crucibal Beyond

Session 16 - A Green Dragon Freed and a Blue Dragon Felled

Dramatis Personae
Needrik as Swatulu Taki, Earthmage huntress and barbarian Aw’Zinti
Setho as Malygos Onyxian, half-elf scion of Skylurk Fei’s legacy
Glen as Azule von Trunt, female dhampir violinist
Gary as Kellan Warfang, half-orc barbarian of the Gruul Mountains

10th of Exregulan to the 18th of Exregulan (Fall)
Year 333 of The Dark

  • The party disembarks from the Pisces and hitch rides on river barges to Lor Pando. There they have an audience with Steward Malcom Thunder letting him know they have returned successfully with the skull of Airoquinn and plan to re-hire Gareth Blackhammer to guide them to Vitriolis’ lair again.
  • The Steward grants their request. Blackhammer guides them to the Norderwoods and to Vitriolis Vyle’s lake as before.
  • But en route, they are attacked by a trio of Invisible Stalkers just as they reach the Norderwoods. After a long and drawn out battle, Taki tries a Glitterdust spell and finally reveals the attackers. It isn’t long after that the party dispatches them.
  • Taki remarks that these creatures are usually solitary; that they have united against them means only one thing: Mages have sent these stalkers to assassinate them. But what mages would do this? Are they in the employ of someone else or are they working on their own?
  • Whatever the case, the party makes it to the dragon’s lake. When they get there, Malygos and Azule notice the bodies of strange, skeletal corpses lying about.
  • Taki calls up Vitriolis and he emerges from his underwater lair. Taki is alone at the island with the iron throne and places the skull upon it. He intones a plea for Airoquinn, twin brother of Thraxx the Maker to appear and release the curse on the dragon.
  • The ghost of Airoquinn speaks out of the whirlwind arising from the skull, enveloping the throne and the island. “I am the friend of dragons. Sacred they are to me and all my kin. By the power of Thraxx, they have returned to Crucibal. Who dares to shackle what should have been free? Let all curses be dispelled for this dragon and Death to all Hardcastles!”
    Then he disappeared.
  • Vitriolis Vyle launched into the air. “I’m free! I’m finally free! I shall soon see the limits of my boundaries no more!” the dragon proclaimed as he flew away to the south.
  • At this time, Azule dove into the lake and investigated the underwater cavern that housed the dragon’s treasure. Realizing she had little time to dally, she took her Bag of Holding and tried to stuff it with as much gold as she could.
  • Meanwhile, Taki calls for the green dragon to return to finalize the deal and get the Sunshard.
  • The dragon hears her cry and returns quickly. He lands on the water. Taki tells him that she needs the Sunshard as he promised. He agrees to honor the deal and dives into the lake to get the party’s reward.
  • Vitriolis swims into his cave and finds the hapless Azule turning around to face him with a bag in her hands. Vitriolis, knowing she can’t be down here forever, waits her out by blocking the only exit and staring at her…smiling.
  • Azule finally drops the bag and then passes out. Vitriolis grabs her (leaving the bag behind) and brings her up to Taki on the central island. “Is this how I am paid? With treachery?” the dragon roars. “What are you talking about?” Taki asks. “This woman was in my lair trying to steal my hoard. Give me one reason why I shouldn’t kill her right now.” Taki implored that if he just hands over the Sunshard they will leave him in peace." Being successful with her diplomatic speech, the dragon dove once more to fetch the Sunshard. He came back up with it, spat it at Taki’s feet and said, “The deal is done. Get thee gone.” He then went into his lair to sulk and protect it from further invasion.
  • An incensed Taki ferried the body to Malygos on the eastern shore just as two Baykoks flew over them and fired a battery of negatively-charged arrows at them.
  • Taki was knocked down before she had a chance to act. Kellan and Malygos had to fight them off which was difficult since they remained flying all the time. The Baykoks were undead and so Malygos had a few tricks up his sleeve. But in the end, the Baykoks were slain and Taki was stabilized. Malygos also restored Azule back to consciousness.
  • The party left before more them came. Kellan and Taki surmised that these Baykoks which matched the skeletal corpses they found around the lake were the vanguard of the demonic/undead army that attacked Mt. Evercrest.
  • They returned to Lor Pando and took their respite at the Hack and Slash Tavern. They didn’t dare announce to everyone that they just freed a green dragon to the north. So, they kept their adventure secret and drank a few ales.
  • The next day, at the same tavern, a pair of bounty-hunters tried to apprehend the party. They were not successful. As a final act of audacity, Azule turned into a tree right in the bat-wings of the tavern. Her spellblight was in full swing.
  • The party then said their leave of Gareth Blackhammer and Malcom Thunder and made for the Teleport Chamber in Silverhome.
  • Taki now knew the spell Teleport and used the Teleportation Dais as a focus to get back to Mount Evercrest. (I think this is how they got around using a Sunshard to power it for the return trip).
  • The party teleported to Mt. Evercrest much to everyone’s surprise. High Priest Linnaeus meets them and asks how they fared. When Azule mentions the Airoquinn ghost and that he said “Death to all Hardcastles”, Linnaeus gets paranoid and calls up a contingent of Apollonian Guards to protect him.
  • The party, especially Kellan Warfang, is incensed at this display of bravado. After the half-orc tries to explain to Linnaeus that they did not share Airoquinn’s views, the party learns that Linnaeus’ surname is also Hardcastle.
  • Linnaeus apologizes for the mixup and sends the guards away. He says that Evercrest has been rebuilt in their absence and the Sunshards are safe.
  • The party informs him that they need to secure the next Sunshard. They agree that Northreach would be the closest destination, so they rest for the evening and leave in the morning.
  • The party heads south until they see the Tyrus Border Towers. They decide that they should keep to the hills until they reach Northreach since they don’t want any attention from Tyrus.
  • They journey for a few days through the cold and snow. They are increasing in altitude and they afraid of getting lost. Then, overhead, an adult blue dragon swoops down on them to consume them. The party gets into action and after another long, protracted battle, the dragon was slain. Highlights of the battle: The blue dragon connects on a vital strike after casting shield on himself. Taki casting Mirror Image and Enlarge. Azule turning into a tree for the second time and getting fellow compatriots in area effect spells. Malygos channeling his negative energy into his weapon. And Kellan playing dead after being walloped by the dragon’s bite and claws. I believe the party got hit a couple times with his lightning breath.
  • And that was where we ended…



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