Crucibal Beyond

Session 15 - A Dragon's Deal and a Relic Stolen

Dramatis Personae
Needrik as Taki
Setho as Malygos Onyxian
Gary as Kellan Warfang
Dave as Manus Firebeard
Glen as Azule von Trunt

4th to the 10th of Exregulan (Fall) — Year 333 of The Dark

  • The party decides to use the Teleportation Disk to Vitriolis Vyle. In so doing, they give up one of the Sunshards.
  • Much to their surprise, the party ends up in the undercity of Lor Pando called Silverhome. The dwarves there are surprised to see anyone come out of the Teleport Chamber since it hasn’t seen use in over two centuries.
  • Manus befriends a dwarf commoner called Antril Megahelm who shows them the way out of Silverhome and to the Palace of the Steward, Malcom Thunder.
  • They meet Malcom Thunder and he is very amiable and concerned for the party’s welfare and the success of their mission. He introduces the party to Gareth Blackhammer, a ranger familiar with the Northern Wilds who knows the way to Vitriolis’ lair.
  • The party informs the Steward of Lor Pando that a band of undead and demons are en route to Vitriolis Vyle to take the Sunshard from him. This alarms Malcom.
  • He immediately sends them with supplies and healing elixirs to the Northern Wilds. Gareth leads the way.
  • They find the lake and the island in the center of the lake. On the island is an iron throne. Bubbles emerge from the west end of the lake. Taki water walks on the lake and addresses the dragon.
  • The dragon answers from a place other than the bubbles. Off to the east in the forest. Taki and Vitriolis strike a deal. If Taki and her party can secure the skull of Thraxx the Maker’s twin brother Airoquinn’s skull from the isle of Ganat-Pyr, and set it upon the throne, then the old curse that Darin Hardcastle laid upon the dragon will be nullified. Then Vitriolis will give up the Sunshard to the party. He swears this upon the blood of Io.
  • Having secured the word of Vitriolis Vyle, the party returns to Lor Pando. They inform Malcom Thunder of their deal. He offers them a seagoing vessel in the port city of Monrovia. The party takes a river barge down the Silverlode river with the aid of some water elementals which Lor Pando has a treaty with, at least for the next 34 years.
  • At Monrovia, they meet Captain Harmoza, a human, manning the caravel, Pisces.
  • They set sail for Ganat-Pyr. En route, they encounter a trio of yrthaks using their sonic lance attacks to tear the ship apart. In the ensuing struggle, Azule is too close to Taki as she casts a spell within a Null Zone and fumbles her spell. In so doing, Azule catches a spellblight and is the victim of random wild magic whenever she casts her musical spells.
  • Three days later they sight land: the shores of Ganat-Pyr. Vitiriolis Vyle warned them of a Thanatopic Titan who reigned here after the Iparians left. The party were on the alert.
  • The party lights a dinghy and rows ashore. They move through conifer forests and ancient ruins left over by the Iparians. They find a great city in ruins at the foot of the highest peak on the island. One of the party notices that the top of the mountain is shaped ominously like a gargantuan humanoid in armor sitting on his haunches. The Titan?
  • The party encounter some frost giants which they avoid.
  • They make their way to a mausoleum in the great city which has Airoquinn’s name on it in Ancient Sejannese.
  • Taki melds into the marble of the mausoleum and goes under the building into the tomb of Airoquinn. He takes his amulet and his skull and rises. This triggers the two stone golems to activate and they ponderously move toward Taki. Taki runs for the exit and the party shirks in horror to see the Titan has risen and is making his way down the mountain!
  • Azule and Kellan linger to witness the golems turning and tending to an urn and securing it. Apparently, it was more important to them than Airoquinn’s tomb…
  • The party splits and separates to confuse the Titan. One of the groups encounter the frost giants they avoided earlier. After a small altercation, the party avoids them again.
  • They make their way to the dinghy and push off for the Pisces.
  • The Titan wades after them from the shore and makes huge waves with his arms trying to capsize the intruders. But to no avail. The party just made it onboard the caravel and Capt. Harmoza put up full sail for Sejanna, avoiding the Titan.
  • The party make it to Monrovia without incident with the relics. Next destination: The Dragon.



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