Crucibal Beyond

Session 12 - A Curse Ended and a Weapon Mended

8th of Drydust to 20th of Infernus (Summer)
Year 333 of The Dark

Dramatis Personae
Setho as Malygos Onyxian, male half-elf priest of Skylurk Fei’s legacy
Glen as Azule Von Trunt, female dhampir bard of the Council Remnant
Gary as Kellan Warfang, male half-orc barbarian of the Gruul Mountains

  • Malygos Onyxian stays in Stoneridge for two weeks to meditate on a new spell from Skylurk Fei.
  • Azule and Kellan drink, party and explore the town.
  • On the 18th of Drydust, the party heads north to Lor Pando to secure another Sunshard.
  • On the 19th, they enter the small city of Per-Saltire, Crossroads of the Ivrian Kingdom.
  • There, they meet Alanna, a radiant elf oracle. Malygos pays her for a divination. He wants to know where the other half of Hell’s Hammer is located, i.e. the Counterweight of Iparia.
  • Alanna uses her crystal ball and informs him that what he seeks is in Sangria, the City of Blood, in the Kingdom of New Iparia. There, it is in the possession of one who believes himself to be of the True Blood of the Iparian race.
  • They change course and head east toward New Iparia.
  • They encounter and slay a rampage of five river drakes near the Sejanna River (20th Drydust)
  • They meet a legion archon named Pax and a group of peasants fighting off a gang of 12 bandits and their highwayman leader. They dispatch the rogues and Kellan is given a potion of Cure Serious Wounds for their trouble.
  • They encounter a pair of hill giants stealing a herd of twenty oxen into the highlands. They are both killed. The oxen stampede into the distance. (1st Infernus)
  • That night, a pack of six werewolves move in for the kill. The party wakes up in time and sends them all to perdition.
  • They journey through the small town of Pachomius – an academic town. (2nd Infernus)
  • On the night of the 4th of Infernus, the horrid, bloodied form of Solphi returns as a Vulnudaemon. She is covered in writhing, venomous snakes. She has come to bestow a Curse upon Malygos for letting her die in the clutches of Rastiel the Fallen. The snakes slither loose and transform into ten Cacodaemons who attack the party. Solphi is blurred and invisible and sneak attacks Azule. Malygos air walks twenty feet above while a Ceustodaemon dimension doors in and breathes flame at Malygos. Eventually, the daemons are all slain just before Solphi can utter her doomed Curse at Malygos Onyxian.
  • They meet a patrol of a pair of silver dragons and their riders. They bear the livery of New Iparia, and they warn the party that they have entered their domain. After the party declares their business and purpose, and emphasizing that it was they who brought the Twin Powers back to their temples, the riders agree to escort them to Sangria. (5th Infernus)
  • They enter the small city of Sangria on the 7th of Infernus. They hang out at The Hollow Haystack Inn to quench their thirst. They talk to the barkeep and feel out their surroundings.
  • Malygos and company relocate to the Ruby Circlet Inn since it is closer to Council Hall. He casts Spiritual Weapon and Locate Object to try to get the relative position of the Counterweight. They find that it is, in fact, in Council Hall.
  • Azule goes into the merchant district and finds someone who knows The Fence of Sangria. He scribbles down a cross street and tells Azule to meet him there at the sixth hour.
  • Azule goes to the corner of East Street and Grunauer Alley and waits. A sinister, dark form walks toward her from the end of the alley. He wears a black cloak and two eyes of flame dart from within the shadowed cowl. He offers Azule a set of three badges of office that will give them access to the Council Chamber within the Hall. Azule can only afford one of them. For 5,000 gp, Azule buys the Office of Sanitation necklace and goes back to the Ruby Circlet.
  • In the stable near the Inn, Azule changes into his noble’s outfit and dons the necklace of office. Kellan and Malygos are to be his ‘bodyguards’, and that morning, they go into Council Hall.
  • Malygos has his Locate Object active and finds that the Counterweight is below the fountain inside the Antechamber.
  • They are admitted into the Chambers and wait in line to see the Bureaucrats. When they are finally up, Azule bluffs the functionary into giving him a Writ of Construction in the sewers a block away. They then leave quickly.
  • Later, they enter a manhole near the Council Hall and notice that all their sewers are lined with lead. They find a place to tear the lead lining away, revealing the stonework behind it.
    Malygos stone shapes it into a small passage and peers inside.
  • Inside is the Counterweight of Iparia spinning at 5,000rpm ten feet above the strange, black, dais underneath it. There are 1 inch diameter tubes of iron connecting the floor corners to within two inches of the spinning Counterweight. Zaps and shocks of electricity cause vapor to form which is then summarily sucked into the surrounding tubes and out of the chamber. There is a door to the south which is guarded by two Huge sized Earth Elementals who appear to be inert.
  • Kellan scouts ahead in the sewer and finds a pair of strange sigils carved into the lead sides of the pipe. No one can make out what they mean.
  • Azule feels the rush of wind suddenly and ascertains that a flood is imminent.
  • After Azule tries to dislodge the Counterweight with a daemon horn (thus activating the elementals), Malygos drops a weight over it with Mage Hand and sends the Counterweight zipping and ricocheting more than a dozen times inside the chamber. Daylight floods the chamber and a magic mouth intones “Alert. Alert. The Sangrian Forceshield is Down.”
  • Malygos tries to weave through the huge elementals to retrieve the artifact, but he discovers that the dais is a gigantic magnet and is nearly adhered to it. He grabs the side of the doorway and pulls himself back out.
  • Azule goes invisible and sneaks in and retrieves the Counterweight, but the Elementals have tremorsense and see her. They attack and MISS!!! Azule grabs it and runs out into the sewers.
  • Azule hands Malygos the Counterweight which Malygos IMMEDIATELY makes whole with a spell and the added power siphoned through to it via Skylurk Fei himself. Hell’s Hammer exists again.
  • The party chases her out into the streets of Sangria where guards are scrambling every which place and herding the citizenry to their homes. Magic Mouths throughout the city proclaim, “Remain calm. This is an emergency. Return to your domiciles. Walk, do not run. Obey the Guardians.”
  • Azule cancels her invisibility and moves past some guards to The Hollow Haystack Inn and waits there until Darkening.
  • It takes them three hours to find their way through the maze of alleyways and streets to the city walls. Malygos cloaks himself in Darkness and stone shapes a passage through the city wall to the outside.
  • Kellan and Azule run quickly through the passage and notice that a guard in a walkway in the wall has noticed the opening. The party blazes through to the outside anyway, ignoring the guard who has already left to report. Malygos seals back the passageway with his spell and they all run into the darkness for two miles until they rest in a copse of palm trees.



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