Crucibal Beyond

Session 10 - A Treasure Lost and A Treasure Found - Pt. I

2nd of Drydust to 5th of Drydust (Summer)
Year 333 of The Dark

Dramatis Personae:
Needrik as Taki, female Aw’Zinti Earthmage Huntress
Setho as Malygos Onyxian, half-elven priest of Skylurk Fei’s Legacy
Glen as Azul the female Dhampir bardic rapscallion
Gary as Kellan Warfang, half-orc barbarian of the Gruul Mountains

  • Party reunites with Azul and Kellan.
  • Eggmandoo’s cave has an anti-magic field.
  • Party finds pond of black oil.
  • Small opening leads to kobold lair, the loyalists of Eggmandoo.
  • Slay Kobolds!!!
  • Traps are tripped.
  • Party fights a destrakhan.
  • Find a demon and his gate. He is searching for a sunshard. Party is confused: Does he want the one they have or Eggmandoo’s. Demon is slain and Azul hurls his head through the gate before it closes.
  • Fight fire drakes and magma elementals!!!
  • After tripping a cone of cold trap, the party finds treasure, but no sunshard.
  • Going upstairs, they come across a Nessian Hellhound in magic chainmail barding.
  • The hellhound guards another treasure chamber – but again, no sunshard.
  • Malygos is nearly slain twice – both incidents by party fumbles! (One by Kellan as he swung at a teleporting foe and slammed into Malygos. Another when Taki overswung her Aw’Zinti weapon).
  • They decide to go below…



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