Crucibal Beyond

Session 11 - A Treasure Lost and A Treasure Found pt. II

5th of Drydust to 7th of Drydust (Summer)
Year 333 of The Dark

Dramatis Personae
Needrik as Swatulu Taki, Aw’Zinti, barbarian earth-mage huntress
Setho as Malygos Onyxian, half-elven priest of Skylurk Fei’s legacy
Glen as Azule, female dhampir minstrel of the Vampire Council
Gary as Kellan Warfang, male half-orc barbarian of the Gruul

  • Having no ‘party mapper’, the party decides to retrace their steps to get their bearings in Eggmandoo’s lair.
  • Discovering another set of stairs going down, they decide to explore further.
  • Going below they find a band of Morlocks who leap on Kellan Warfang and try to overbear him.
  • Moving south, the party finds a gang of four violet fungi; Taki fireballs the hell out of them.
  • Azule moves a curtain at the end of one of the corridors and meets the gaze of a basilisk. She quickly averts her eyes while Taki casts a pit spell beneath it and the basilisk thrashes about in acid at the bottom until it perishes.
  • Azule later breathes in some hallucinogenic gas near a wooden door and starts attacking the floor thinking she is overcome by millions of spiders.
  • Malygos rejoins the party at this time.
  • The party finds bas-reliefs throughout the complex showing a history of the Morlocks.
  • They fight more Morlocks and Malygos triggers a pit trap, falling eighty feet.
  • A basidrond escapes his chamber and chases the party. Azule is overcome by its LSD gas and thinks she is three inches tall. The party eventually kills the plant creature.
  • They find another lead-sealed stone door and eventually knock it down. Inside is the underground lair of a purple worm. It tries to chase after the party. The party flees through a secret door behind a bas-relief. They end up in a stone giant warren.
  • The party slays three rock trolls and a stone giant chieftain, Borgon.
  • Azule plays her violin, soothing the two stone giant guards, while the party moves past them to the next chamber.
  • While conversing with another stone giant guard, he is attacked from behind by an unknown assailant. It turns out she is a vampire assassin. She goes invisible and flees north while the party tries to discover her. The stone giant falls to his poisoned wound, but is saved in the nick of time by his stone giant compatriot who makes him eat some ‘magic mushrooms’.
  • Other stone giants join the party against the vampire and hunt her down in their treasure room.
  • The female vampire is the companion of Desmond Koriah, a vampire inquisitor. A great melee ensues.
  • Azule kisses Desmond and warns him to leave before stealing his Bag of Holding which contains the stolen Sunshard of Eggmandoo.
  • In the end, both vampires escape via gaseous form. One giant died.
  • The party tricks the giants into thinking their chief was slain by the vampires and steals their treasure.
  • They leave the lair, evade the purple worm and go back to Stoneridge.
  • The local shrine of the Twin Powers give Taki a map of Sejanna with four areas with X’s. It was scribed by the Three Archangels and are the locations of the remaining sunshards of Apollo’s Crown.



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