Crucibal Beyond

Session 13 - A Quest Deferred

1st of Averni to 18th of Alborath (Autumn)
Year 333 of The Dark

Dramatis Personae:
Needrik as Taki, female Aw’Zinti wizard huntress of Earth magic
Glen as Azule von Trunt, female Dhampir bardess
Gary as Kellan Warfang, male half-orc barbarian of the Gruul
Dave as Manus Firebeard, male dwarf axe-grinder and armorsmith

  • Taki makes some decent magic items in the town of Stoneridge (one month)
  • Manus works for the local armorsmith for some cash (one month)
  • Azule and Kellan finally make it in to Stoneridge (one month)
  • With the party assembled, they decide to take on Vitriolis Vyle north of Lor Pando.
  • They journey
  • And journey…
  • And journey…
  • They fight a rampage of forest drakes chasing some wood elves.
  • A couple of shambling mounds guarding a bridge.
  • Fun and experience was had by all.
  • They lose Kellan and Manus in the Metropolis of Iv (that’s easy to do, btw)
  • Taki and Azule spend days looking through ancient tomes and manuals in Hamadi and the Great Library of Iv trying to find a weakness for Vitriolis Vyle.
  • They discover information on a curse that keeps the dragon trapped in the Norderwoods, but they decide at the last minute to head for Mount Evercrest and discuss the quest with the Hierarchy of Apollo.
  • They journey
  • And journey…
  • And journey…
  • All I have to say is fist-sized ticks
  • I should further say – gargantuan tarantula. The kind that pump you full of venom such that Taki and Azule can’t even make it back to town (well, Azule did, anyway).
  • Taki was rescued by a scout band of Aw’Zinti heading back to The Vale.
  • They make it past the town of Desiderata, encountering a racist orc and his bandit buddies (including a hill giant). Taki hurls a fireball, and they run like dogs!

The End



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