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1998-2000 Crucibal
2000-2002 New Crucibal
2002-2004 Crucibal 2000

And now the same world with the same rules in the same edition we left it… Three centuries later!

In Crucibal, the heroes stopped Logos Sarx the Transmuter, slew Melmoth the Flame-Bourne and restored the Staff of Law. They also rescued the four archangels of the Twin Powers, and banished the Phyrexians to their machine realm. The Heroes of Crucibal were hailed as paragons of their race –
But a new enemy peered his skull out from the rubble of the Phyrexian Purge, Thanos the Eternal, lich king of the forgotten city of Lor Susshro!
Having vanquished him after a long and protracted campaign, Anthraxx Nasrath in the guise of his alter ego, Celeste Nasrath, used the last ounce of energy from the Staff of Law and created – New Crucibal!

They then met the likes of Ulrich Ildrae, Sixtus of Taurion Forest and others who once followed Thanos, but now hunted the Heroes.
After slaying that company of mercenaries, and stopping a plot that threatened all the civilizations of Sejanna, they slew Melmoth’s second incarnation, powered the Helm of Chaos with the Counterweight of Iparia, and fought the Demons of Xar.
Finally halting a plot by Ignatius of New Haven who possessed the Pentagram of Cania and journeying into the Eternal Battlefield of Acheron, they achieved divine status and became the new Gods of New Crucibal.

Over the course of two millenia, the lands of Crucibal changed. A new group of heroes emerged from the hinterlands of Orc Hollow and High Rasca to challenge the powers that threatened Crucibal.
Unfortunately, the Sejannese Circle, as they called themselves, came to a tragic end in the city of Argos at the Wandering Fool tavern as they were all slain by a demon and his spider-demon pet. The Aegis of Zeus was lost. The Wand of Orcus was reclaimed by the host of Juiblex, the Faceless Lord, and The Dark descended upon Sejanna.
The gods are powerless.
The people are enslaved
Demons and undead have conquered the land.

Whence comes our justice?
Whence comes our freedom?
Who can end the evil and misery visited upon the innocents of this present age?
Who can defeat Juiblex, the Faceless Lord and Orcus, Prince of the Undead?

Crucibal is in need of heroes.
The time for you to act is NOW

Crucibal Beyond
A Pathfinder RPG campaign
Brian E. Perez

The final chapter in the crucibal tetralogy begins

Crucibal Beyond

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